A Kohana module that allows you to quickly create resized / cropped images directly through url parameters. Modified images are cached after the initial request and served up thereafter to help reduce server strain.

Imagefly on GitHub ยป

Here is the original image used in the demos below.

Resize to exactly 100px width and height cropping from the center

<img src="/imagefly/w100-c/media/img/fly.jpg" /> OR <img src="/imagefly/h100-c/media/img/fly.jpg" />

Resize to exactly 100px width and 150px height cropping from the center

<img src="/imagefly/w100-h150-c/media/img/fly.jpg" />

Resize proportionally until width is 100 pixels

<img src="/imagefly/w100/media/img/fly.jpg" />

Resize proportionally until height is 100 pixels

<img src="/imagefly/h100/media/img/fly.jpg" />

Resize proportionally until either the width or height is 100 pixels, whichever comes first

<img src="/imagefly/w100-h100/media/img/fly.jpg" />

Adding a watermark

<img src="/imagefly/w300-gitlogo/media/img/fly.jpg" />

Adding multiple watermarks

<img src="/imagefly/w300-gitlogo-gitmark/media/img/fly.jpg" />